Friday, February 12, 2010

You Can be Stylish and Beautiful and Wear Modest Clothing Through Color Analysis

Admittedly it is very difficult to find modest clothing in most clothing outlets. This has given rise to the modest clothing industry. However, whether you wear modest or immodest clothing if you do not choose the right colors for you, your clothes will detract from your natural beauty. Although you cannot experience a professional color analysis from an article, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to assure that you choose the right colors when you add to your wardrobe.

The leadership of Modest Clothing Distributors does not want you to think you need to look frumpy just because the mainstream fashion giants are bankrupt of modest ethics. You will be sure to find stylish, beautiful, modest clothing in the Modest Clothing Distributors store. To ensure that your natural beauty is highlighted you must wear clothing that matches your skin tone. The most accurate method to determine which colors correspond with your skin tone is through a professional color analysis. Nevertheless, there are guidelines you can follow to direct you to general color families that will enhance your skin tones.

If you were to submit to a full color analysis your skin tone would be classified as spring, summer, autumn, or winter. For the purposes of a general analysis these classifications can be broadened to warm (Spring and Autumn) and cool (Summer and Winter). Those who have a yellow skin tone would be categorized as a warm, while those with a pink skin tone fit into the cool category. For some it may not be readily apparent whether your skin color is yellow or pink. You can do a further analysis by considering your natural hair color. People with a warm or yellow skin tone usually have natural red highlights in their hair. Those who do not have natural red highlights in their hair usually have cool or pink skin tone.

Once you have determined whether you are warm or cool you need to know how to apply your newly acquired knowledge. Based on your skin tone you can now choose colors that will enhance your natural beauty and eliminate colors that will detract from your natural beauty. Just as a personal analysis will provide more specific classification for your skin tone it will furnish you with a more particular list of colors that will compliment your skin tone.

A “warm” should wear yellows, oranges, spring type greens, reds with an orange undertone, browns and tans and a “warm” should stay away from bold blues in both their wardrobe and makeup choices. A “cool” should wear pinks, blues, and rose, any green or red should have a blue undertone, and they should avoid bright yellows when picking out their clothing and makeup.

Until you can have a personal color analysis done this information can be helpful by making your modest clothes outshine the immodest clothing that is fashioning our whole society into ugliness. An understanding of how to heighten natural beauty through color analysis serves to compliment the true beauty that is within the modest women. This will further empower womanhood through modest dress!

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