Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why do the Democrats Underground Despise Modest Clothing Distributors?

It would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic. For a long time when you googled modest clothing you would find a listing for the Democratic Underground entitled “Scary stuff....websites for modest christian (sic) clothing...” The Democrats posting to this blog proceeded to poke fun at, build straw men around, and deride the idea of people wanting to sell and buy modest Christian clothing.

There is no harm in them poking fun at modest clothing distributors. Democrats are the easiest people to poke fun at from a conservative perspective. Rather than be offended when liberals poke fun, learn to pity their blindness. Educated Christians should understand that unregenerate men “love darkness rather than light” and we should understand the ramifications of that truth.

It is a bit puzzling that these Democrats would feel the need to mock those who wish to look different from the rest of society. Aren't these the same people who brought us the non-conformist movement in the 1960's? Didn't the hippies teach us to reject the establishment? I guess now that they are the establishment we are all supposed to fall in line with their “enlightened” thinking.

An analysis of the posts in this strain reveals that the most vitriolic language deals with the idea that modest clothing distributors may want the law to reflect their values. Such verbiage as “Taliban,” “dynasty,” “cult,” and “fascist” grace these posts. This needs to be addressed.

After all isn't this the Democrat Party that wishes to force every American to pay for abortions? Isn't this the Democrat Party that wants to force every American to drive small cars? Isn't this the Democrat Party that wants to force every American to join a socialist health care and educational system? Isn't this the Democrat Party that has already forced every American into a socialist retirement system? Isn't this the Democrat Party that wants to force every American to burn fluorescent light bulbs? Isn't this the Democrat Party that gave us the FDA, EPA, Department of Labor, OSHA, and a myriad of other bureaucratic agencies designed to deprive Americans of freedom?

Imagine if Theonomists were able to govern America long enough to dismantle the socialist infrastructure that these Democrats, with a lot of help from Republicans, have forced on Americans, and long enough to enact all the laws delineated in the Bible. Would our society look like the Taliban? Theologians differ as to how many of the Biblical laws should apply to society at large, but the number ranges from a little over 600 at the most to as little as 200. These laws would cover every evil that man could conceive. Congress passes tens of thousands of laws every year not to mention the laws passed by state governments and the bureaucratic regulations that are not even voted on. Before the Democratic Underground starts throwing rocks at the “tyranny” of modest clothing distributors maybe they need to take a look within.

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